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Our Products

  • Strong fabricated metal structure, all galvanized to last.

  • Each top is made from woven HDPE (Polyethylene), 12.5 oz and 22 mil thickness. 

  • Configurable options for size, color, and accessories to meet each customer's needs.

  • Made in the USA!

Benefits Of Tension Fabric Barns


Ease Of Installment

Our shelter kits can be erected in a fraction of the time it would take to complete a traditional building, usually in days instead of weeks. They only require basic equipment and tools to erect on your schedule!


Cost Effective

You will not find a more competitively priced solution for large scale storage, far less expensive than a traditional building of comparable size.


Low Maintenance 

Unlike traditional buildings, there is no need to repaint or roof maintenance for these tension fabric structures. There's almost zero maintenance costs in time or money. Once erected the only maintenance necessary is occasionally checking cover tension.


Made For The Elements

These shelters are designed with longevity in mind. The structure is made to withstand typical conditions for years to come.





Applications & Industries

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